Lighthouse Red and Green Explained

As new visitors and AOP members come to our website, the main question I get is on the lighthouse colors and why is it always red. The reason is simple, there are many Myths on the net on how to play the lighthouse and as I test each of them, they fail and actual test. I have created a battle sheet that will track and calculate your play. Over many and mean MANY attempts playing these quests, here is what I have found.

Some lighthouse myths:
• You must fill the lumber and gold to max levels or the game will not give you troops in a payout.
• You will not get a big payout unless you send just enough to win.
• Platinum has not changed the payout system in over a year. True and False
• You must send Armada if you want Armada
• The 1-1-1 Theory.

Many of the above myths only need one explanation. Payouts are guesswork. What this means is without an actual tool to let you know when you do get a big payout, it is only a guess. Many of you take such a beating that when you do get a win you start thinking it is the best you are going to get and it must be the big payout. This is where the AOP battle sheet helps. It lets you know mathematically when that big payout occurs. I have seen many images and examples sent by others showing me the payout. But when I plugged their numbers into the system the fell short. If they had been using the AOP battle sheet, they would have seen this and push it a few more battles and got the big one.

The truth is, the bank needs a certain amount of investment before it pays. This amount seems attached to level of play. The questions I am still working on is, level of what? Level of lighthouse, level of player, level of ships used? All these questions now come into play and Plarium is not giving us all the detail. The AOP Battle Sheet tracks averages along with single battle wins and losses. It uses is own ratio system but will show you in real time what the game is doing. Some days the average ratio is high. (High is anything over a 3.0 and = 25% loss) This does not mean you will not get a payout, it just means you will get one and not gain in overall offense. You will in many cases just break even or take and over all loss even though you won. This is the part Plarium is not as honest as they say. On some days, the average is below 3.0 battle ratio and you gain over all when you do get a payout. So, in a nut shell, Plarium created a random system that changes on its own. Therefore, they can say we did not touch it in over a year, because they programmed the system to do it on its own. The battle sheet is designed to run on averages over all your battles when you play for the day not just one, this makes it a little harder to fool.

Note: Battle Sheet is still in Beta. How to use it will be another post.

AOP Battle Sheet