Is Euru or Rual worth our time?

We need to ask this questions as we are in a completely different league than Euru or Rual. We are an alliance and my guess is Plarium has no way to track that. Here is an example, who is the number one alliance? Who’s alliance has the most members. Who’s alliance have the most bastions. Things like this. Euru and Rual are stuck in a brotherhood only status quo by Plariums design. They can’t seem to wrap their heads around what it takes to do a vary large scale action, (Kudo’s Lance) and as we play we learn more every day with new tricks to try. But the best part is the playing, the friendships that will outlast the game. So I say, let them spend their ruby’s and give their money to Plarium, they do not seem to want to cater to us anyway. We are over 1000 members strong and growing. Our last action we used only 4.7% of us, what are your thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Is Euru or Rual worth our time?”

  1. Greetings pirates
    I totally agree Shibu
    Like it or not we will have to deal with both RuAL and their puppet BH’s
    We as an alliance pose a threat to Shiv and his merry band of cut throats
    They would not be so bothered with us if not
    They do not like this fact Too bad for them
    We are here to stay and will only grow in numbers and get stronger every day
    United we stand

  2. Why was there less than 5%? Did most people feel that it was a futile action or just didn’t want to participate?

  3. Working to get at least 25% by next action…Maybe the point could be made louder.

  4. The fewer participation was that people didn’t understand what was being said to them and a few wanted to stay out of the action. That is what we need to overcome! We had people coming out all over after the action wanting to be a part but it was too late. Next time they will know.

  5. I saw the same. When we asked people to send one bonnie to defend someone, we have over 50% participation, so I know we can do it.

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