Today I am confronted with this for the first time as I feel we are all brothers in arms.
How best to explain this to everyone in the AOP is hard, as there are those who look at the AOP differently than I, so I thought this may best help explain it.

– Pirate Shibu

5 thoughts on “Loyalty”

  1. Interestingly enough, as I thought about this dilemma. I was reminded about something someone said to me years ago. “What makes you laugh will make you cry.”

  2. Loyalty. When you give your word — do you stick to it? This is what defines loyalty. Is your word good, or not? If your word has no value, and thus can not be trusted, then neither can you be trusted. And your value is defined by your loyalty. Integrity is another term that can be used here. Integreity really is simply the idea of honest motive, innocence as to wrong intention(s). Both loyalty and integrity are sadly lacking in this world of today. The only substance that most adhere too today is simple; what is in it for me? And then everything else falls by the side. Greed. Ego. And all of the bad personality traits that so many CLAIM to hate.

  3. Friendship is another one, those who stick with you in good times and in bad. Take a little loyalty to do this as well.

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