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A Message from King Rat leader of the AOP

UPDATE: Nov 2017

Update to the top 200 BHs; I hope each of you is aware that we are beginning to see a response from Aristocrat (to our complaints) in the form of the new in-game feature that was just added to our game. That is, the daily activity bonus that is given to each member of an active BH. The result of this is that Aristocrat will shortly have a real time count of the actual active havens in ALL of the Plarium games. Furthermore, with the countdown now in process to illuminate dead brotherhoods, the present count of 804 BHs will probably be reduced by more than 50%. This should be very interesting.

Below is the answer that we sent to those who respond to the message, and it goes ONLY to those who respond;

Plarium represented that there were some 20 million active players across the games they were selling. The true number is going to be a big disappointment. Also, Aristocrat now has people monitoring the game forums and the attitude of the MODs has changed a lot

There was a notice given today to all AOP Brotherhood leaders to halt all offensive actions against all members of EURU and that includes stopping all actions against Nightmare. This was done for very sound reasons, as you will shortly understand, so please read on. This is a letter and a message that applies to all who are playing a Plarium game. There is bad news, and there is some good news.

First, some good news. Many of you know of players that Plarium has taken unauthorized credit card transactions from. I know of two who have recovered their money in full. In addition, it appears that Plarium (these games) will be banned in at least one country shortly over these types of practices, which are illegal! Please note that word; illegal. We will see it again shortly.
Now, the bad news. I send this message sadly, and this is a black day for all of us who have enjoyed this game(s). Over the last year we have heard much about cheating by EURU, Shiv, RuAL and Nightmare. Now, we have confirmation of the cheating from, so to speak, the horse’s mouth. From a key member of EURU and a friend of Nightmare. Please read on as we reveal the main part of what we have learned;
X got a lot of info from this friend. Did you know Shiv has something called total control? It is something that allows him to see all of what is stationed at bastions and presidios. I don’t know if he can see haven defenses or not but I’ll assume at this point that he can do that also. And to quote; “we definitely have an unfair advantage because of this”.

Unfair advantage is a serious understatement. Please let me give you an example. Most all of you have played poker, perhaps even in Las Vegas, and here I am not speaking of a table game owned by the Casino. I am speaking of a poker table hosted by a casino for which they keep a certain percentage of the wagers for making the table available. Any player who sits at that table has the legal right to enjoy certain assurances about the poker game he has joined. The first, and most important assurance, is that no other player at that table is allowed to know what cards he is holding. The second assurance is that no other player at that table, once the cards are dealt, ACCORDING TO THE APPROPRIATE RULES FOR THAT POKER GAME, is allowed to add to his cards. This is why a game involving money has rules. To violate those rules involves fraud. Fraud is illegal.

And do not let anyone tell you this is a free game. People spend thousands of dollars to develop their havens and fully participate in this game(s). I have done so, and so have many, many of you. One of the best examples of that is a friend of mine and who was chased from this game by Shiv (all of us who know this friend believe that) because of his vocal opposition in the forums to what Shiv was/is doing. I know he spent thousands of dollars on his haven and fleet. He is a lower level player than me, yet his discoveries are almost ALL at level 32 (which certainly is NOT free!) and his haven strength is over 30,000 (Again! NOT FREE!). Thousands of his Dread fleet units were removed FROM HIS HARBOR, and his credit card was hacked and thousands of dollars stolen. THAT is what Total Control allows Shiv, and now probably Nightmare, to do. I have also heard of players who have lost havens. Again, Total Control.
We have heard of players joining EURU, they give their keys to their haven to Shiv, and the next day, when they get the haven back, they have 30,000 subs, or Juggs, or whatever. NOT reinforcements! These are their units as if they had paid for them or built them as we do over a lot of time! Again, Total Control. How do you fight that? You can not, and the proof of that is that RuAL has established EURU as the #1 BH. And soon there will be a new #1 BH; Hell Cats. The revived BH of Nightmare, as a sop to his great ego.

Knowing what we now know about Total Control from members of EURU itself tells us something profound; This game is now over unless WE, the players, do something about it. It is up to us. How? Easy. STOP.

Think about that for a moment, and let it sink in, and notice what I DID NOT say. I did not say QUIT. This game does not belong to Aristocrat; it belongs to the players. This game has no value without the players. So we make our will known by STOPPING. Stop playing in the tournaments. Stop spending money. Stop hitting each other. STOP hitting the prizes! Use your farms, do your dailies, hit the BOTs… you know!! THE FREE STUFF!! Build troops! Build 30,000 Marauders! Visit with your buddies! If several thousand of us do this, how long will it be before someone notices? A week? Maybe a little more.. BUT THEY WILL NOTICE.

And there is one more point. You must commit to this and continue in this for the next full month, AND, tell Aristocrat exactly what you are doing, and why. Contact@aristocrat-inc.com — If these things are not fixed, I am done with this game. Period. That must be your message, to Aristocrat.
IF, at the end of this month nothing has happened, we will then ask everyone to sign out of the game for 30 days. No activity. Something must be done. This is our chance to make a real difference. KingRat

Greetings from the AOP,

I see the trade winds have blown ye into our Harbor, welcome mate. Here be the home of the AOP. An alliance of brethren who play Pirates: Tides of Fortune. In this world there are mighty brotherhoods so large one could say Davy Jones himself would tread lightly. This is why the AOP has risen, like a Phoenix from the ashes of fate, smaller to mid size brotherhoods needed to   band together to show a force equal to those who hold a monopoly supported by Plarium. So sit back, grab a bottle of rum and partake as we tell our stories of the seven seas and the monsters within.

– Pirate Shibu