Hear ye! Hear ye!

Pirate Flag

A Message from King Rat leader of the AOP


Pirates! Have you read about the real pirates of old? Did those REAL pirates fight each other? Generally speaking, no, they did not. They banded together to fight the establishment of that day, which generally was the Spanish, who controlled most of the fabulous wealth of the new world (Americas). Were the Spanish beloved? Perhaps you have read of the Spanish Inquisition, or of how the Spanish treated the native people of the new world. They were quite easy to hate, and, it turned out to be quite profitable to hate them as well. The English were very active in creating the Pirates, but found in the end that it was more profitable to be at nominal peace with the Spanish and turned on what they had helped to create, thus becoming a part of the establishment as well.

The AOP (https://www.allianceofpeace.com/) was founded in the beginning to defend the members, united for this purpose, against RuAL and EURU. We were successful in that. However, the problems in Pirates has changed. There are very powerful Brotherhoods, which we are cooperating with, which are taking out the allies of EURU and Hell Cats. THAT problem is NOT over; an example is many new or restarted havens being put into service to build troops for Hell Cats, now the center of that problem with many from EURU joining HC. But the bigger problem for BHs with a level 5 Bastion and a desire to grow is The Pirate Hoard.

They deliberately go out of their way to hit the weaker players/BHs for cheap PvP. (I have seen level 116 players from that BH hit level 60 and 70 players; I suspect many of you have as well.) And, this is an ongoing and more and more pressing problem. None of us will be able to advance without a solution to this problem, and the game is losing more players every month because of the hopelessness of this. But this is not hopeless. We have the solution. The AOP. If you want to know more, please visit with us.

Letters to the King from the leadership of The Pirate Hoard

[09:28] Raventor: “Did you know, That WE want ALL non-coiners out of Pirate Bay. This will get rid of the cheap cheats, unblock the server, and let the Real Payers “Fight it Out”

[13:10] WarTurtle: “I target all profitable havens Lvl50-Lvl120. If they are profitable, I do what pirates do. If they are not, I move on. There are plenty of ways to protect yourself and use tactics at every level of this game. I have no idea who is an alt or an exploited bot, they are all fair game to me. Like I said real players can protect themselves. If this offends you, too bad. I do not bully or use profane language and respect all players. They are free to play as they want under the rules and game mechanics. Like I said I chose pirate over pilgrim. Doesn’t really matter what you think.”

King Rats response to War Turtle, leader of The Pirate Hoard;

[13:29] KingRat: “Real players! You condemn yourself with your own mouth. Since when is a level 50 player a “real player?’ They have not been in the game long enough to learn ANYTHING, much less how to protect themselves. Much less a level 60, and few level 70 players either. And especially when they are in a small Brotherhood that is just trying to pull itself up by its bootstraps and learn how to play together. And those are the players ALL OF YOU target FIRST!”

Call to Arms

Let all great brotherhoods of Pirate Bay join as one to put an end to all these anti-pirates in our sea. Please join us in a Pirate Inquisition, as we rid ourselves of this scourge and win back our seas and allow new players in the game the time they need to join in the fun.

If you would like to contact King Rat with questions about the AOP or how to join in the fight, Click on the image below. King Rats Email

Greetings from the AOP,

I see the trade winds have blown ye into our Harbor, welcome mate. Here be the home of the AOP. An alliance of brethren who play Pirates: Tides of Fortune. In this world there are mighty brotherhoods so large one could say Davy Jones himself would tread lightly. This is why the AOP has risen, like a Phoenix from the ashes of fate, smaller to mid size brotherhoods needed to   band together to show a force equal to those who hold a monopoly supported by Plarium. So sit back, grab a bottle of rum and partake as we tell our stories of the seven seas and the monsters within.

– Pirate Shibu